A beautiful umbrella for your terrace

We have created the Valencia with New Zealanders in mind. This industrial grade umbrella is aesthetically pleasing as well as strong and durable, it’s made from anodized aluminium, marine grade acrylic canvas and stainless steel hardware. Here is your opportunity to experience your outdoor area with shade and rain shelter from an industrial grade umbrella that is easy to use and easy on the pocket.

What size and colour are the Valencias?

We have two models of Valencias  
– The 4.2m has a square shape with 3m sides 
– The 2.8m is octagonal with 2.8m between opposite corners

Our standard colours are:
– Beige 
– Green
– Gray
– Black  

What is the wind capability of the Valencia Umbrella?

The Valencia umbrellas can stay in up to 30km winds.


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