Our most recent model of umbrella

The square Deluxe umbrella is unique in the fact that it can fit into places suited your building requirement.While it is the same frame as our original octagonal Deluxe model, it has the added benefit of being square, giving it straight edges, allowing it to fit into your world full of strategies. Perhaps, the best thing about the square model is that they can be interconnected if you have 2 or more. Click on the blue umbrella here in the pictures to see how this can be done.

3600mm X 3600mm down the length of each straight edge  
5050mm measures across the diagonal of the cover
2300mm above head to the lowest point of the cover when up.

What’s the wind capabilities of the Deluxe umbrella?
Huge. They’re designed to be used and abused in public areas, schools and industry so they can stay in up to 60km winds.

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