Tyre Tramps


Recycling while creating jobs & giving to charities



Why are we doing this?

In 2016 a north Auckland kindergarten purchased 4 colourful mini Tyre Tramps from Pro Shades.  A week later they said “We think they are great. Our children have been using their imagination to use them in many ways, would you mind if we post a message about them to other kindergartens community web page?“, we replied “by all means” little did we know they were about to go viral in less than 24 hours. We had hundreds of orders straight away so we had to create a way to supply enough recycled tyre tramps to service the huge demand for these new child play toys. We found a community group that we’re willing to make them with us… and here they are.

Many people also love them for the following reasons:

– Creating jobs – Recycling – Upcycling – Environmentally stable  – Keeping Tyres out of landfills – $10 from each tramp goes to Charity


$70+gst Each  or $250+gst for 4 (One of each colour) 


Prices are Ex-factory, call us to find out delivery cost.



If you are ready to help out?

Choose out of 4 colors and order yours  Blue, Red, Yellow, & Green

$70+gst Each  or $250+gst for 4 (One of each colour)

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