A fun & Safe Playground Toy  
Mini tramps for children – These are fun, they’re recycled and they create jobs for a select few individuals, and to make it even better know that at least $10 from every tyre purchased goes to one of the 3 charities mentioned below.

Why are we doing this?
There’s an epidemic of used car tyres in New Zealand(and the world) wasting resources and space. You will find it makes sense to reuse them optimally? So at Proformance Shades we’ve done just that, take a look.

1 Tyres – Recycling what would otherwise be in a landfill wasting space, so with your help we’re reusing tyres for a cool new toy. Feedback so far tells us they are a fun, safe and versatile toy for kids creativity.

2 Charity – We donate at least $10 from every tire to our favourite charities. Click them to discover more The westpac helicopter, The life education trust or The radio networks special children’s christmas party.

3 Job Creation – A small group of people have been earning a needed income by making these tramps for us.

What can you do?

Purchase some – Fill out the contact form with required details and tell us how many tires you would like along with colour your preferences.


Choose out of 4 colors  Blue, Red, Yellow, & Green


 Tyre tramp jump Tyre tramp 4 colours

$70+gst Each  or $250+gst for 4 (one of each colour)


Tyre tramps for playground Tyre tramps at school

Prices are Ex-factory, call us to find out delivery cost.


Tyre tramp stock inline jump tyre tramps

Are you ready to help out?

Choose your colour, number and place your order on the contact page


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