Patio Umbrellas

The most popular industrial strength patio umbrella

Pro Shades Patio umbrella range are made from scratch out of our Auckland premises. 
We have been the preferred shade product to the Auckland council, kindergarten association and many other childcare, playcentres, play schools, schools, colleges & other educational sectors in New Zealand for over 19 years, however it doesn’t take years to realize how great of an investment our shades are, the results and comments speak for themselves upon first use.

Our Patio umbrella frames are constructed with all stainless steel fittings, our Canvas is 100% acrylic waterproof canvas with a SPF 100 rating and a 15 year rot resistant & defects warranty. Our Frames have a 2-year warranty and are constructed of heavy galvanized steel which is then powder coated in your choice of over 200 Frame & Canvas color options, these give our umbrellas over 2 decades of proven customer satisfaction, durability and ease of use features that top it off as a very aesthetically pleasing 4m,  4.5m, 5m or 6 meter  umbrella.

What’s the wind capabilities of the Patio umbrella?

Huge. They’re designed to be used and abused in public areas, schools and industry so they have huge wind ratings. Here are the limits for our 3 different sizes:

  • Octagonal 4M =   75+km winds
  • Octagonal 5M =   60km winds
  • Octagonal 6M =   50km winds




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Square Umbrellas

Our most recent model of umbrella

The square Deluxe umbrella is unique in the fact that it can fit into places suited your building requirement.While it is the same frame as our original octagonal Deluxe model, it has the added benefit of being square, giving it straight edges, allowing it to fit into your world full of strategies. Perhaps, the best thing about the square model is that they can be interconnected if you have 2 or more. Click on the blue umbrella here in the pictures to see how this can be done.

3600mm X 3600mm down the length of each straight edge  
5050mm measures across the diagonal of the cover
2300mm above head to the lowest point of the cover when up.

What’s the wind capabilities of the Deluxe umbrella?
Huge. They’re designed to be used and abused in public areas, schools and industry so they can stay in up to 60km winds.

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Valencia Umbrellas

A beautiful umbrella for your terrace

We have created the Valencia with New Zealanders in mind. This industrial grade umbrella is aesthetically pleasing as well as strong and durable, it’s made from anodized aluminium, marine grade acrylic canvas and stainless steel hardware. Here is your opportunity to experience your outdoor area with shade and rain shelter from an industrial grade umbrella that is easy to use and easy on the pocket.

What size and colour are the Valencias?

We have two models of Valencias  
– The 4.2m has a square shape with 3m sides 
– The 2.8m is octagonal with 2.8m between opposite corners

Our standard colours are:
– Beige 
– Green
– Gray
– Black  

What is the wind capability of the Valencia Umbrella?

The Valencia umbrellas can stay in up to 30km winds.


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Swing Shades

A fantastic solution to cover your swing set without any new poles

Patio umbrellas Proformance Shades designed and engineered the original Swingshade awning for use over swing sets at schools and kindergartens.Swing Shades are a series of curved galvanized steel tube frames that hold up the high quality shade cloth. Our swingshades are generally 5.5m wide & as long as your swing set is. You may be questioning why one would have such a frame to merely hold up shade cloth… Well, Proshades’ swingshades are mounted onto your existing swing set frame, by doing so it eliminates need for more poles, mounting points, concrete foundation work & building consent… And if that’s not enough, the Shade cloth fabric we use has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty… And if that’s still not enough how about knowing it’s a product that eats shade sails for breakfast in price, shade size & durability.  

Swingshade awnings are 5.5m wide and custom made to span the length of your swing set. Swing Shades are priced on a square meter rate, So if yours is 5m long it will be 5m x 5.5m which is 27.5 Square meters of shade.

See one installed in this quick video


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Shade Sails

Do you have an idea for a shade and size of a shade sails?

We custom design and engineer shade for use over areas that normal umbrella shades could find challenging. Tough, durable and highly customizable, they are great at providing shade solutions.  Here at Proformance Shades we have limitless ideas for Shade Sails for any situation where you need shade or a waterproof cover… And weather you want a simple 3 sided sail or 1-billion sided sail, we can craft it for you. Proformance Shades only uses fabric that carry a minimum 10 year manufacturers warranty and are Fire retardant (FR means they will not continue to burn upon flames burning them).

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Tuscan Umbrellas

These fantastic patio umbrellas can be easily moved and rotated 360 degreesPatio umbrellas

Ideal shade over pools, tables, playground equipment and patio areas. Tilts up to 125 degrees for morning and afternoon sun, and easily folds down for compact storage Being 49 kg they’re light enough to remove from support post during winter months

They are designed to withstand winds of up to 45km

What is your umbrella made of?
The umbrella are made up of powder coated aluminum frame with a choice of modern colours. All the fitting are marine grade stainless steel.

What’s your umbrella fabric?
It’s a marine grade quality, high UV waterproof acrylic canvas(Planosol), it is available in a selection of modern colours. 5 year manufactures warranty against defects

Will this fit in my area?
Take a look at the dimensions  shown here


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Tyre Tramps

A fun & Safe Playground Toy  
Mini tramps for children – These are fun, they’re recycled and they create jobs for a select few individuals, and to make it even better know that at least $10 from every tyre purchased goes to one of the 3 charities mentioned below.

Why are we doing this?
There’s an epidemic of used car tyres in New Zealand(and the world) wasting resources and space. You will find it makes sense to reuse them optimally? So at Proformance Shades we’ve done just that, take a look.

1 Tyres – Recycling what would otherwise be in a landfill wasting space, so with your help we’re reusing tyres for a cool new toy. Feedback so far tells us they are a fun, safe and versatile toy for kids creativity.

2 Charity – We donate at least $10 from every tire to our favourite charities. Click them to discover more The westpac helicopter, The life education trust or The radio networks special children’s christmas party.

3 Job Creation – A small group of people have been earning a needed income by making these tramps for us.

What can you do?

Purchase some – Fill out the contact form with required details and tell us how many tires you would like along with colour your preferences.


Choose out of 4 colors  Blue, Red, Yellow, & Green


 Tyre tramp jump Tyre tramp 4 colours

$70+gst Each  or $250+gst for 4 (one of each colour)


Tyre tramps for playground Tyre tramps at school

Prices are Ex-factory, call us to find out delivery cost.


Tyre tramp stock inline jump tyre tramps

Are you ready to help out?

Choose your colour, number and place your order on the contact page


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