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Introducing NZ’s largest and original side post umbrella, an umbrella of huge proportions. It was 1996 when John Pidgeon had the brilliant idea to supply large umbrellas to New Zealand. His intention was to create a large operational shade using as little space as possible. It would prove to be an exceptional option for New Zealand’s sun and weather conditions. After a trip to Australia John and his partner Ngaire decided to buy the design and rights to build these large umbrellas in New Zealand. In 1997 this couple had started selling the first 4, 5m & 6m Deluxe umbrellas to kindergartens, café’s and car yards around Auckland and surrounding cities. A couple years after starting Pro Shades Ngaire fell sick, over the next short time, John was taking care both of Ngaire all whilst running a budding new company. Unfortunately Ngaire passed away leaving the full care of a growing business in Johns hands.

John Pidgeon


Enter Logan Tottenham

John met Logan in 2001 at the young age of 17. Logan went on to help John with the umbrella work in weekends and school holidays. For the year after leaving school Logan went on to try multiple jobs such as boat building, bartending, event setting and tree felling. Logan was obviously missing and ignoring his calling in the shade industry. In 2004 Logan couldn’t resist the urge to make shades. He once again teamed up with John making the best shades in NZ. This year they designed the amazing Swingshade awning which now is a cost effective solution to any swing set frame. Sadly on April the 10th 2005 Logan was in a terrible head on car accident. This left John with the growing workload, again. Don’t worry, Logan survived. yay! He did however shatter his right leg, left knee and incur some head injuries (That explains a lot why he is like he is). 5 month later when Logan was able to walk and work again John had put the business up for sale. After a lot of interested buyers looking at Proformance Shades Logan decided he was ready to buy his first company at 21 years old. After some negotiation and a large bank loan Logan took ownership of Pro Shades on the 8th of August 2006. In 2008 Logan introduced the tilting rotating 4m Tuscan umbrellas. The Tuscan has more features while dominating as the leading competitive price on the market for a large industrial strength umbrella. You will find these perfect for your personal outdoor area. As you read this we continue to grow, improve products and provide excellent service. After nearly two decades we have proven ourselves against any challengers as the leader in long last umbrellas. All 2,000+ Deluxe umbrellas out are still out there and in full operation. We are now the No:1 preferred supplier for the Auckland kindergarten association, council pools/parks and thousands of other kindergartens, play centres, Montessori’s and school around the country. On Monday the 8th of August 2016 the team celebrated the 10-year anniversary since Logan took over the company by releasing the new Square Deluxe umbrella which have the ability to be butted up to each other, and created one huge shade with a fabric gutter joining the straight edges.

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Logan Tottenham

Logan Tottenham